If it's not a win for you,

it's not a win for us.

What’s the cost to me as a client?

At S|A|G Financial our priority is putting nurses first. We want our financial services to be accessible to any nurse in the US that needs it. So, we do not charge any fees up front. 


This means that the consultations, recommendations, and professional advice you receive from us is something we do to give back to the community. This comes at no cost to you whatsoever.

How does S|A|G Financial

make money?

We of course have bills to pay too. So we work in partnership with various companies in the role of an independent broker. Which means that if you need to start or open an account with a financial company based on your needs, we receive compensation from whichever company is best suited for you, for finding them a new client. This way we are able to help you without taking money from your pockets, while also providing us a way to sustain our business!


Furthermore, as an independent broker we have access to almost all of the financial products that are available out there. Which means that we can help find you exactly and only what you need based on your unique and individual situation - without the interests of a large corporate employer in my back pocket. 


What this means is that we can have your full interest at heart, and connect you only with the right companies that I trust to take care of you, and that are best positioned to take care of your needs.

Our Win-Win Policy


We never push our clients toward a product that they don’t need. 

If it’s not a win for you, it’s not a win for us.