• Shelby Green

The most expensive thing you will buy costs $20

Most nurses are more cautious of spending money, the more expensive something is. As you should be. It’s a smart move to consider your options carefully if something is going to cost you thousands of dollars.

But what most nurses don’t consider is something I like to call the ‘accumulated impact’

The impact created by the accumulation of repeated and consistent small action.

This dynamic exists in nature, in the human psyche, and yup, also in your finances.

Have you ever seen a wall of rock with a giant hole that’s been drilled into it by erosion? It’s incredible. Holes can form in huge rocks through the repeated friction and wear caused by much smaller rocks and the surrounding waters. 

Over and over again slowly and incrementally, small sediments chip away at the larger rock in minuscule, even microscopic amounts. 

But give it enough time, and you can see, the accumulated impact can be quite impressive.

When it comes to your finances, those small sediments that eat away at your wealth are those little $20 purchases.

The accumulated impact and overall cost of those repeated and frequent purchases of $10, $20, even $30 can be as dramatic as that giant hole in the rock. 

If you’re a Nurse, It is likely that this is the most expensive thing that you are spending money on right now. In fact it’s more expensive than any of the luxury items that you’re purchasing. 

And if you’re one of the many Nurses who finds themselves frequently making those little $20 purchases, please hear me when I say, this could be costing you your financial health.

It’s like the accumulated impact of having negative thoughts, over and over. After a while the burden of this cost can build, become an unconscious habit, and cause a huge detriment in the state of your overall mental health. 

Good news is, the same dynamic works the other way too! 

The accumulated impact of having positive thoughts over and over, is that after a while positive mental momentum can build. Positive thinking can become an unconscious habit, and cause a great improvement to your overall mental health over time. 

Even better news, money works like this too!

When you save that $20 instead of spending it, you can have a big impact on your financial health. And if you get into the habit of saving little bits of money whenever you can instead of spending it, you would be astonished to see how much money that can build up to be over time. 

Spend wisely. Remember, the impact you make with each dollar matters. Let your habits make you, not break you.

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